While we have written in this space before about efforts in legislatures all over the country to stem or limit collective bargaining (particularly in the public sector), union organizers persist for the time being, looking to mobilize your workforce into what would surely be a daily headache you don’t need.  The good news, however, is that you don’t have to wait for the legislature in your state to address this problem.  Non-union employers can – and should – take steps on their own to situate their workplace so it is less susceptible to union organizing.  How?  Click on the video below for a short take on just a few such suggestions.

“Jack” Merinar is the leader of the firm’s NLRA team. He got his introduction to labor law in the early 1990’s seeking injunctions of picket line misconduct and handling arbitrations. By the mid 1990’s he was advising employers through union campaigns and elections. His experience with campaigns led Jack to develop a focus on advising employers how to avoid campaigns where possible.
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